Even though it is a long way before you can buy a 3D printed car from a dealership, the automotive industry had embraced 3D printing more than a decade ago. The technology adds enormous value to the entire supply chain process. It is becoming more and more affordable for companies to bring additive manufacturing in-house to support processes on the factory floor.

3D printers have moved from a non-compulsory piece of equipment for producing relatively simple prototypes to an absolute necessity. It is transforming the automotive industry. 3D printers are creating complex parts, speeding up tooling cycles, enhancing measurement and testing, and providing customized solutions across all aspects of the vehicle development process. The automotive industry is increasingly turning to 3D printing to manage tight production cycles and cut costs.

Companies can now start small and scale up rapidly with the assistance of a 3D printer. Customizing vehicles, especially when it comes to interiors, is a costly endeavor for automakers. But 3D printing offers an economical solution to carmakers looking to provide an array of trims and options for consumers.

With new applications being discovered, tested and implemented virtually every day, 3D printing technology’s potential to impact the industry is just beginning.

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