The consumer goods industry is opening up to new opportunities in product design and development through 3D printing. Consumer goods companies have been using 3D printing technology to remain competitive in the extremely dynamic market. From product customization to product development, 3D printing is being used comprehensively.

3D printing alleviates high tooling costs when customizing products. It allows manufacturers to customize products much faster and cost-effectively. Companies can now adapt to consumer needs and produce in small batches without worrying about cost escalation.

The technology has allowed consumer goods companies far greater freedom to experiment with complex geometries that would not have been possible with traditional methods.

With the elimination of tooling, multi-design prototypes can be created much faster, personalized for the customer, ready to be sold. 3D printing can significantly help reduce storage and inventory costs and has the potential to transform supply chain management for retailers.

3D printing gives a competitive advantage to the consumer goods industry, reducing material waste. Companies are able to innovate constantly and adapt to the changing market scenario.

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