Industries Where Additive Manufacturing Has Transformed Design and Production

3D printers are used to produce prototypes at lesser time and cost. It gives numerous benefits to designers who are looking for technologies that allow them to design, correct and alter quickly, without wastage of raw materials.

3D printing or Additive Manufacturing (AM) has not only helped in the design of automobiles, aircraft, spacecraft and consumer goods but has also radically changed healthcare including surgery, prosthetics and dentistry.

Features of Additive Manufacturing

Different industries such as aerospace, automotive, dentistry, medical, and machinery, can take advantage of the following features of additive manufacturing.

  • Rapid prototyping
  • Accurate translation of concepts to reality
  • High-quality short-run production
  • Industry-specific solutions
  • Reduced material wastage
  • Lower cost than traditional designing
  • Easy alterations and reverse engineering

Various Applications of AM

While the visual art and entertainment industries have been gratified by the benefits of additive manufacturing, other industries have also obtained smart, quick and cost-effective solutions from it. Here are certain applications of AM.

  • 3D Scanning with complex designing and quality inspection
  • Design and engineering, integrated with CAD
  • Virtual surgery planning and anatomical modeling
  • Manufacturing with end-to-end solutions

Aerospace, Automotive, Integrated systems, Machinery, Consumer Goods, Dental, Medical and Entertainment are some of the industries that have taken a big leap with multiple applications of 3D printing.

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