Additive Accelerator is thrilled to announce that Lester Hitch has been appointed as the new Vice President of Business Development. He will join Additive Accelerator’s management team.

The company specializes in identifying the best end-use of additive manufacturing applications that are scale-able, transferable, and profitable.

Currently, Additive Accelerator’s consulting team is staffed with talented additive manufacturing specialists. They are organized in teams around the Customer-Centric Framework: Ask, Analyze and Act. They are focused on building and realizing Additive Manufacturing / 3D Printing strategy, that enable Additive Accelerator’s clients to transform their organization.

Lester’s technical foundations were honed as he developed his career producing advanced components for the Department of Defense — beginning as an entry-level technician and leaving as a Senior Production Manager of one of the US Army’s most advanced and capable Additive Manufacturing facilities.  Before joining Additive Accelerator, Lester worked within the sales team of the world’s largest powder bed technology developer, EOS North America, where his technical knowledge and customer connections were utilized by his colleagues and provided him unique engagement opportunities with customers.

As VP of Business Development, his skills and knowledge will be applied holistically to the business structure of Additive Accelerator and to the benefit of our customer experience.

Along with Additive Accelerator’s awesome engineering team, Lester is ready to bring Additive Accelerator’s development plan to the next level.

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