An industry leader with over 20 years’ experience.

Alan Guyan

An industry leader with over 20 years’ experience executing on a cohesive vision in aligning manufacturing technologies with product, speed, market need and opportunity by pushing the boundaries of conventional manufacturing, engineering, and factory physics through the use of innovative additive and subtractive manufacturing technologies.

Previously, the former Director of 3D Design & Manufacturing Innovation at Under Armour Inc. Through his leadership he managed a team of innovators, engineers, and designers to advance footwear manufacturing methodologies into 3D product creation. Alan served 9 years as UA’s resident expert on all Additive Manufacturing developments, and is active in domestic & international communities, universities, AM user groups, and connected to innovation technology leaders globally. Alan identifies strategic return on investment opportunities and is exceptional at prescribing the right materials and technology for the best end use application using Additive Manufacturing Technologies

Alan holds Degrees in Engineering and Industrial Design from Columbus College of Art & Design, served 10 years as Vice President at a high-tech machining firm, and is a third generation Journeyman Machinist.

(443) 457 1163